Howdy I'm Lake!
I'm a Comic Artist/Digital Artist
Located in northern Colorado.
I use a iPad pro and Clip Studio to draw !
Check out some ways to support me below!


You must read and agree to these terms to commission me. If you do not read the terms you are still required to follow them; I will not be responsible for your failure to read them. Please read over these terms every time you commission in case there have been changes!I have the right to deny any commission without providing reason.
I have the right to blacklist certain clients without providing public reason.
I have the right to post my artwork anywhere I choose to promote myself as an artist. A 25% privacy fee will be added if you wish to keep your commission private! (asking me to delay the upload for gifts would not count as private)


A. Please use the form I provide you for ordering. If you think you made a mistake after submitting please let me know as soon as possible.
B. Due dates or rush orders will incur a fee based on the time window given for completion and project size. PLEASE tell me if you do have a date in mind.
C.I prefer NSFW ref sheets be censored or a SFW be provided.
D. Refsheets or Images must be clear and able to color pick. Doesn't need to be pretty just needs to be readable and preferably unshaded!
E.I will not work with 3D refs or images. I have permanence issues with them and struggle to much.
F. Commissions not started are open to character changes and prompt changes at anytime ! If started there will be a $20 resketch fee if I'm not at fault.


Only I and the customer (or current owner of the depicted character(s) ) may use artwork produced for them. Even if you did not commission the artwork you are still required to follow these terms.
A. Post the artwork on any website as long as you properly credit me back to one of my official links.
B. Use the artwork for non-profit reasons. (such as a website banner, on a business card, etc.)
C. Sell my artwork or use it for profit UNLESS we have discussed and agreed upon commercial rights usage.
D. Sell my art as an NFT.
E. Claim it as yours.
F. Remove watermarks/signatures without permission.
G. Alter my artwork in anyway.
H. Trace my work. (in private I do not care just don't share it)


A. I only accept commissions paid upfront and through PayPal, Cashapp, Zellw or Venmo. I do not offer payment plans. The invoice must be paid within 48 hours of it being issued.
B. You must be the legal holder of the account used to pay. You may not use a friend's or relative's account to pay. (Unless special circumstances)


A. Commissions usually begin to be sketched after 2 weeks . Can take up to 2 weeks- 3 weeks to complete after that.
Wait time depends on how full my queue is and what placement you are on my queue. You can see my current queue HERE.
B. I send updates directly to the client when starting, upon sketch completion, and finished product. Although I may send more during the process. My queue will always have current progress posted to it.
C. I absolutely encourage the request of changes I will even do whole new sketch if you aren't satisfied with a pose. If after you have approved the sketch and change your mind a fee may incur depending on changes.
Compensation amount varies and will be quoted specifically to each change.
I'm usually very lenient so don't be scared to ask !!


Please only request a refund only in the event you : no longer own the character, do not want art anymore, any reason other than you needing money. Do not treat me like a bank. I require 2 business days to issue a refund after it has been requested. The refund stages below will be based on what has been sent to you:
A commission that has not been started can get a 100% refund.
A commission at the sketching stage can get a 50% refund.
A commission at the lining stage can get a 25% refund.
A commission at the coloring stage or after cannot receive a refund of any amount.
If you are dissatisfied with a commission, please tell me! I will do few or small edits anytime after completion.


I offer manual refunds so at no point should a charge-back be issued. Upon issuing a charge-back the client should be able to prove some sort of negligence, neglect, & loss of communication on my part regarding a manual refund. I keep dated logs of all communication between every client and I.
If using a charge-back to void my refund policy the following actions will be taken :
The client's rights to the product in question will be forfeited. The product may be resold or utilized in other ways as compensation.
The client will be subject to public blacklist to warn fellow freelancers of their charge-back.



Anything to do with or related to JJBA
Sergals/Crux (ive tried im sorry i just suck at drawing them)
Anything Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, ect. not tolerated.
Overall ask if you are unsure.

$65 each

1000x1000 icon with a background!
I only do nature bgs but I'm open to try others! (I can do more than trees , they are just more popular haha)

$120 EACH

A fullbody of your fursona !

$75 EACH

Shadded headshot of your fursona !
Can be symmetrical or not .

***Polaroid Portrait

A Polaroid of your character!
Typically shoulders up unless I feel it calls for more.
My skills are more in natured bgs but I'm open to trying others!
Couples polaroids are $285!

***Tiny Icon
$25 each

a symmetrical headshot icon

I typically make a twitter post when I am open ! You can msg me via twitter if you have any questions.

***PNGTUBER $120

A pngtuber of your fursona ! These are not rigged they just move when you speak via mic !
Extra Expressions are $35-40 each !

***Things to note about my style

These are just some things I've been asked to change in the past but want to make it clear it is apart of my style
and will not be changed! All of this is a part of me.
In general take into consideration my style isn't realistic
and I never try to be realistic !




Overall these are things I will not/wish not to change
as I feel its an extension of my art and myself!
Its a big part of what adds the life into it for me.
In general please consider
my style before commissioning me !